Infographic: Not Texting? You're Missing Out on Sales

Acceptance of SMS marketing is nearly universal. Here's how to do it right

Knowing what to say in a text message can be confusing enough when you’re not trying to make a sale. But you can’t afford to go without a strategy when promotional texts have an average clickthrough rate of 36% versus 4.5% for email, according to Klaviyo.

The unified customer platform unlocked many more SMS marketing insights in a survey of nearly 2,000 people in the U.S. and Canada. Crucially, acceptance of text-based marketing is way up: 96% of respondents were willing to receive a text at least once per week, up from 31% in 2021. Nearly three-quarters (73%) have made a purchase prompted by a text—of them, 24% had not thought about buying the item previously.

But texting is a high-touch experience (no pun intended), so people are careful about who they sign up with—52% of consumers only subscribe to two or three brands—and expect personalization. 

“With SMS, brands can cut through the noise and reach consumers in their most personal channel: their texts,” said Josh Siegel, vp of text messaging at Klaviyo. “Consumers want convenience, and brands are simply meeting their customers where they spend a large portion of their time.”

What turns people off? Nearly half (44%) are not interested in receiving abandoned cart reminders via SMS. Event announcements are less welcome for over a third of people (37%), so save these for your social channels.

When deciding whether to send an SMS or email—still the preferred method of communication from brands, at 56%—companies should consider that the most effective texts are urgent and sent in response to a customer’s actions. 

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