Stella Artois Taps The Sims to Help Players Be Unfiltered and Free

Brand mod based on its "Beer Au Naturel" ad campaign will be released on the EA-game

Premium Belgian beer brand Stella Artois is set for its first foray into the world of gaming with the release of an unofficial tie-in with Electronic Arts franchise The Sims, which will allow players to download and add the brand’s campaign into their own virtual worlds.

The release of the Stella Artois Unfiltered mod pack will see gamers install and be able to include the picturesque French village, which is featured in its “Beer, au Naturel” TV advert that was released in May 2022. It featured the journey of a glass of Stella being served within a group of people who were all relaxing and (literally) hanging out together in the nude.

Each mod acts as an update to The Sims functionality, allowing players to access new features and content within the game.

To further the 360-campaign from last year, the brand will release the ad to download within The Sim’s mod pack, too, as it aims to connect with a new gaming audience. This mod was created and will be promoted by streamer and enthusiast of The Sims, Devon Bumpkin, who has over 21,000 followers on Twitch and 121,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Within the Stella Artois mod, players can expect to be able to download a Stella Artois Unfiltered Chalice, an Unfiltered bottle and a branded beer tap. These have been made by content creator Hey Harrie, as well as a number of naked characters based on the ad.

In a statement, Meg Chadwick, brand manager for Stella, commented: “Having brought the ’Beer, au Naturel’ message to life in our ATL campaigns, we’re so excited to be able to give gamers the opportunity to experience our naturally unfiltered beer in a virtual world. Now they, too, can be as naked as the beer we’ve created. We hope that our Unfiltered characters, scenes and mods will be the go-to virtual choices for liberal those Sims players looking to enjoy a Stella Artois Unfiltered in their natural state.”

To promote the launch, Devon will host a live stream on Twitch Feb. 8 of him exploring the mod, playing as the naked waiter in the advert, to showcase the gameplay and some of the behind-the-scenes process of creating it.

A tie-in offer will also begin for Stella Artois Unfiltered, including a 20% discount, from Feb. 8 through until Feb. 14 across the U.K.