The M&M's Mascots Return as Official Spokescandies

Also, Ma&Ya's clam candy is over before it started

After weeks of speculation following M&M’s putting its mascots on an “indefinite pause” due to their “polarizing” nature, the colorful characters have returned as the brand’s official spokescandies.

Red, Orange, Purple and the others will make this clear in a 15-second spot airing soon after final whistle of Super Bowl 57.

As for M&M’s in-game spot from BBDO New York, it appears actor Maya Rudolph—who, as the new face of the brand, changed its name to Ma&Ya’s and filled each candy with clams—is having a hard time winning over the public. No one seems to like the Ma&Ya’s candy-coated clam product.

Between M&M’s 30-second commercial, which ran in the second quarter, and its post-game ad, the brand will broadcast a brief 5-second spot in the Big Game’s second half featuring Green, Yellow and a sign stating: “We’re back!”

As if there was any doubt.Mars

Ever since M&M’s updated its mascots in January 2022 to focus more on inclusivity and belonging, many people have voiced their disapproval. M&M’s “indefinite pause” announcement leaned into the apparent controversy, generating many headlines and much discussion.

Following the news M&M’s had put its mascots on hiatus from their day jobs, the brand released content showing the characters pursuing other passions and career opportunities. Yellow, for instance, auditioned to be the new mascot of sibling brand Snickers. Orange curated meditative tracks on Spotify. Brown appeared on the financial network Cheddar News as a guest host.

“Over the past year, we have seen an unprecedented level of conversation, cementing M&M’S as one of the world’s most iconic brands,” Gabrielle Wesley, chief marketing officer at parent company Mars Wrigley North America, said in a statement. “That level of talk value—irrespective of opinion—indicates people are interested in our brand and its values.”

Wesley added: “The M&M’s brand will always continue to bring the fun, laughter and entertainment with an unwavering commitment to purpose.”