Artsy CMO Everette Taylor Steps Down

He took on the role just before the pandemic hit with the goal of 'democratizing the online art market'

Everette Taylor is exiting as CMO of Artsy, the online marketplace for buying and selling art, after nearly three years in the role.

A replacement hasn’t been chosen yet.

Taylor joined Artsy in December 2019 following a career path that included high-profile marketing leadership roles at companies such as Microsoft and startups like Growthhacker, the latter of which he ultimately oversaw as founder of its ET Enterprises.

An entrepreneurial stance has tended to run through his work as a brand steward. In addition to ET Enterprises, which he started in 2013, Taylor also created companies such as EZ Events and the online rent-a-car platform Skurt. That last company was sold to (now defunct) automotive leasing tech player Fair Financial for $50 million in 2018.

The art of marketing

Taylor declined to reveal what’s next, saying he was prepared to make a larger announcement in the coming days. His tenure at Artsy was defined by its response to the pandemic, which accelerated a wider shift to ecommerce generally as businesses limited in-person experiences due to “social distancing” restrictions. Art galleries, which had largely been resistant to online sales, tended to be caught more off-guard than other industries.

That allowed Artsy, which was founded in 2009, to gain greater traction in the relative absence of museums and galleries. Taylor made it his personal mission to advance Artsy’s goal of “democratizing the $60 billion-plus art market.”

“It’s the unsexy stuff that really unlocks the potential our users are looking for,” Taylor said in early 2021 when Artsy was selected as an Adweek Challenger brand. “A lot of people love talking about brand, but it’s lifecycle marketing—it’s personalization. We give people a personalized experience and an algorithm that’s literally helping you be your own personal art advisor. It helps you figure out what your tastes are. And that is the foundation of the great marketing organization we have.”

Everette Taylor plans to reveal his next move in the coming days.Artsy

While Taylor had a growing interest in the art world in recent years, his marketing acumen was what influenced his approach to marketing at Artsy.

“I remember being in seventh grade and taking art classes,” Taylor said in an unpublished portion of our 2021 interview. “I always loved art. I was reading about Richter, Basquiat and Haring. I would come in class and I would do all these abstract paintings. My teacher was very Bob Ross, European-style painting. I was like, ‘This is so boring to me.’ I just painted anything I wanted to and I got a C in that class. So I just kind of said no to art for a long time. Luckily, Skurt got acquired by That give me the space to lean into things that I’m passionate about and open myself up.”